Lighting and Decor


 We will create the atmosphere you've envisioned for your event.  Adding color to your venue can set the tone and feel instantly.  Below you will find that we offer up-lighting, dance floor lighting, drapery, and event decor.

Drape and Up-light any room or venue!


Draping can be used in a number of ways.  We can create VIP sections for various events, section off areas, or drape the entire room to create a unique feel to match your event theme.  


  • This is very popular for Sweet 16's, Mitzvah's and Corporate events.



Uplighting adds color to any area of the room.  Each light is strategically placed to accent the room and can be set to any color you wish.  


  • This is very popular for Weddings, Sweet 16s, and Mitzvahs 

Elegant Lighting for any Event!


Dance floor lighting is essential for any event.  With multiple colors and designs moving throughout your dance floor, the crowd will feel immediately inclined to get up out of their seat and dance!  As shown in the photo, each light is on top of a LED tower, which allows the dance floor lighting to come from above the crowd.  Depending on the number of guests attending your event, you can choose how many towers and lights are needed.  


  • This is very popular for ANY event, but especially Weddings, Sweet 16s, and Mitzvahs

High End Decor!


If you are looking for a more high end, upscale feel, we have the decor to create your luxury party dreams! Lounge furniture, high and low cocktail tables, and unique backdrops for the guest of honor. 


  • This is very popular for Corporate functions, Sweet 16s, and Unique events